Stacking and Reclaiming Systems

HYQUIP's expertise in understanding of optimum stockyard utilisation, storage and retrieval helps in selection of the right type and configuration of the Stacker and Reclaimer system for coal, iron ore, clinker, limestone, fertilizer... etc.

Most importantly the reliability and performance of the system is assured as our involvement not only stops with installation, but is also backed by a 24/7 post sales service.

Hyquip also offers cost effective storage sheds of various shapes and configurations from normal to extra wide spans.

They are covered by galvalume / corrugated aluminum sheets of various colors and designs to suit plant aesthetics.

Our in-house expertise of erection and commissioning of the systems is an added advantage to the customer as it provides a single source from concept to commissioning. The current projects being upgraded to large capacities of global scale to ensure cost effective operations.