Sludge Handling

We at Hyquip offer Shaftless Spiral Conveyors which are ideal solution for hard-to-transport materials ranging from irregular shaped dry solids such as scrap, wood and metals, to semi-liquid and sticky materials including pulp, compost, food processing refuse, hospital waste (wastewater products), Municipal de-watered sludge and Industrial sludges. Shaftless Spiral Conveyor's simple design employs fewer parts than conventional shafted-screw conveyors, reducing lifetime maintenance costs. It also enables higher trough loading at lower RPMs, maximizing the volume of materials conveyed and less wear.

Sludge Handling, Shaftless spiral conveyors are capable of conveying dewatered sludge and other difficult to transport materials vertically into a corresponding horizontal conveyor or directly into storage silos. Breaks in the liner provide resistance points which help to prevent slippery materials forming a rotating plug, thereby encouraging the material to move vertically with the spiral face.