Coal Handling Systems

Hyquip engineered fuel handling systems, not only employs most efficient crushing and screening equipment but also ensures that the cost-per-ton of prepared fuel is economical even in the most complex power pant layouts.

Hyquip has developed the core equipment through constant in-house research for over a decade and selection of the right equipment for the duty conditions not only ensures the optimum performance of the individual equipment but also results in the overall efficiency of the power plant. The proposal engineers select the best suited crushing equipment to generate the desired size of the product with less amount of fines with regards to the type of furnace. This avoids fuel wastage and thereby savings in fuel cost.

The material of construction of wear-n-tear components are carefully selected as well as they are properly proportioned and balanced for maximum working hours resulting in lower maintenance costs. More importantly, completion of the project within stipulated time schedule avoids cost overrun of the project.