Flap Dampers & Gas Diverters

Hyquip has associated with RAUMAG to market its products in India and Middle East. The products shall be manufactured in India under the licence of RAUMAG with their laid down manufacturing process plans and quality assurance norms. RAUMAG with over 40 years of experience in the field of manufacturing of louver dampers, double louver dampers and tandem louver dampers and are world leaders with many patented designs / products. RAUMAG developed lattice supported blade with which the problem of warping was entirely solved and blade lengths upto 17000 mm have already been executed for operating temperatures upwards of 700°C reducing the cross section loss to 7%. These are deployed for shutting off and regulating flue gas flows and are designed in circular / rectangular forms to meet different cross-sectional and functional requirements. Louver, double louver and tandem dampers of large sizes involve high transportation costs and to overcome this a modular construction is developed which facilitates simple dismantling and transportation of the individual modular parts after trial run at the factory.

RAUMAG has developed and patented a new diverter blade design suitable for high temperature applications and its behaviour under varying service conditions can be predicted through computer simulation. It has also developed a unique new external dual toggle lever actuation system for diverter which provides a turning angle of 1800 degrees. This offers a number of advantages for the damper operation and its reliable function. Standard sealing systems RAUMAG-JANICH has developed are proven sealing systems for various applications to suit specific requirements and operating conditions in power and cement plants. These are specifically intended for shutoff dampers and diverters for combined cycle gas turbine plants and generally for large dimensional flue gas isolation dampers.