Cross Country Conveyors

Cross Country / Long Distance overland conveyors are the most economical means of transporting bulk materials over long distances and the costs are often lower than truck or rail transportation. Installing the conveyor beside the existing road facilitates easy approach for maintenance and avoids additional cost of building separate approach roads.

Conveyor systems are the logical connection between the phases of mining, processing and storage. Hyquips overland belt conveyor systems are custom made to meet the specific demands of the client like the type and volume of material to be conveyed and to meet the existing topography of the route, as well as the prevailing climatic conditions.

Hyquip's standardization of galleries (which provides inter changeability) and a unique mounting arrangement on the trestles facilitate faster assembly and erection at sites thereby reducing time and cost. This approach also helps in optimal routing of the conveyors following the contours of the terrain.