RDF Feeding Systems

Hyquip delivers technologically advanced mechanical handling systems to transport RDF upto the cement kilns. Hyquip's application engineering considers the fact that there would be resistance by the cement plant workmen to handle refuse derived fuel from MSW and has designed a feeding system which is unmanned and remotely controlled.

The receiving station which can be designed for a storage capacity as per client requirement is provided with a Auto loader which is programmed to deliver material at the pre-determined feed rate. The dust during truck unloading can be contained without needing separate de-dusting system. After the truck unloading, it is recommended to take material samples to check the quality of the fuel supplied from time to time. The installation of handling system for RDF in a cement plant is challenging as these are mostly upgrades for existing plants, but Hyquip has the expertise to optimise a sustainable conveying system upto the feeding point.

For handling RDF within the cement plant over high inclinations and medium range distances Drag chain conveyors, Chain belt conveyors, Shaftless spiral conveyors or High angle conveyors can be employed. Hyquip's years of experience in manufacture of airlock systems has helped develop a special feeding system of RDF into the calciner. This feeding system improves the burning process by splitting up the material and also avoiding false air entry.