Mining & Mineral Processing

HYQUIP's basic philosophy of offering systems to meet specific applications, has evolved numerous solutions for the special demands and extreme operating conditions of the Mining and Mineral Processing industry, especially for Underground Mines.

As a result of working closely with Mining companies, Hyquip acquired an unique insight of all operational sequences in the mining and tunneling cycles and offers shiftable, semi-mobile, fully mobile conveyors facilitating relocation or expansion as the mine develops.

The conveyor system is designed to operate from a centralized PLC system located on the surface consisting of non-redundant CPU, power supply and communication modules and non-redundant 10 modules. The conveyor system will be operated through VDU based operating work station. 1 no. Engineering workstation will be provided for programming and SCADA development. The starter modules for each conveyor shall have 1 no incomes and outgoings as per the number of motors. These starter modules shall have 6.6KV/415V, 50 Hz, 50KVA PT for auxiliary supply to hydraulic winch and lighting system. All drives, starter modules, safety switches, telecommunication system, cables shall be DGMS approved.