Screw Coolers/Dryers

Hyquip with over 30 years of experience in Screw Conveyor technology, developed hollow flight screws for indirect heat exchange is for heating, cooling and drying of bulk solids like ash and sludges.

The product individual particles come in contact with the surfaces of the hollow flights, centre pipe and jacketed trough which get either heated or cooled while being conveyed in a axial direction by means of rotation of the screw section.

The heat transfer medium is normally water, steam or thermal fluid and its heat transfer process can be closely controlled by the screw speed.

Ash coolers are typically designed to handle materials with inlet temperatures of 2000°F and cooling it down to 400°F or lower with product chamber pressures of 300 psig or higher.

The hollow flight Ash coolers are manufactured in single, twin and quadrangle screw configuration to handle various requirement of capacities.

The wear will be severe at the inlet zone while handling abrasive materials as well as the temperatures will be higher, to overcome this and to enhance the life solid stainless steel flights are provided which enhances the life these to four times.