Bucket Elevators

Hyquip manufactures medium to high capacity Bucket Elevators designed to handle capacities upto 450 M3/hr and heights upto 110 Mts. Hyquip manufactures Chain and Belt Type Elevators to meet most applications of the Industry. The Chain Type Elevators are manufactured in association with Hitachi Metal Techno Ltd of Japan. The salient features of Hyquip high capacity Bucket Elevators are listed below :

• All the casing flanges are jig drilled with diagonals maintained within close tolerance to ensure perfect vertical alignment of all the casings. This will facilitate ease of erection and reduce time delays in equipment commissioning.
• The buckets are jig fabricated and drilled, which ensures easy fixing and interchangeability.
• The Chain and Sprockets are sourced from the World Renowned M/s. HITACHI of Japan. The Sprockets are segmented type which facilitates easy replacement, reducing down time.
• The Elevator belting is Steel Cord Metaflex Belting of High Tensile rating with a max. of 0.5% elongation, manufactured at the state of the art plant of ANDREW YULE.
• The belt is joined by a special clamping device and the Bucket fixing holes are factory drilled to ensure the longitudinal and transverse tensile members are not cut which would otherwise weaken the belt.
• The Hyquip Bucket Elevators are designed with self tensioning internal gravity take ups ensuring a totally dust sealed boot.
• Hyquip has developed software for structural analysis and simulation of each component to its max stresses to build total reliability and dependability of the equipment.