Cross Belt Hammer Sampler

The cross belt Hammer Sampler is designed to take out a representative sample of powdered material and lumps upto 200 mm from the material being conveyed by a belt conveyor without stopping the belt. The sampler pivots on an axis parallel to the centreline of the belt. As the hammer traverses in a rotary motion across the full width of the belt, the beck plate will push off the sample in complete cross section of the material stream.

Fines will tend to be segregated at the bottom of the material on the belt, therefore the profile of the conveyor belt is formed to suit the curvature of the path of the hammer, so that the fines, which constitute part of the sample are collected from the belt. The Sampler is operated from a local push button station or it can be through a PLC-System.

Screw Sampler

The Screw Sampler is designed to create a sample from continuous extraction of dry, non-sticky free flowing materials. The continuously operating sampler is driven by a geared motor coupled to a screw crossing the flow of material. The screw transports the extracted material to a mixing tank where it is homogenised by mixer wings connected to the through going screw conveyor shalft.

The material at any time present in the mixer tank will represent a true average of the material having passed the sampler. The mixing tank has an overflow to safeguard against overfilling. Excess sample material is returned to the main material stream by gravity.